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Higher Quality Healthcare

Higher Quality Healthcare

When it came to providing higher quality healthcare, Wilmington Health first needed to establish a baseline to track providers.

Eleven years ago, we implemented an Electronic Health Record (EHR), which allows us to not only compile data but to analyze that data to see how well we are doing as an organization; how our physicians are doing; and most importantly, how our patients are doing.

The EHR also lets us focus on population health: looking at how our providers are doing among populations of patients. For example, we can look at all of our coronary heart disease patients across the board and see if they are receiving the standard of care for their condition. If they are not receiving this level of care, we can bring this data to their provider who will then improve in that aspect of care. Or if the patient has not been to the doctor recently, we can make outreach calls to encourage them to make an appointment and get them on the right track for higher quality healthcare.

For the past three years, Wilmington Health has been part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in an effort to provide the best care possible to Medicare patients. As an ACO, we can also compare our outcomes with participating organizations across the country, and right now we are the #2 ACO in the nation.

Become an educated healthcare consumer

Dr. Hines explains in this video how providers can provide higher quality healthcare to patients with Electronic Health Records.

In two years, Wilmington Health was able to proactively increase cervical cancer screenings 27.6%. We are dedicated to providing quality healthcare including healthcare screenings to catch conditions such as cancer early while they are easier to treat.

July 2012 - 64.1%
July 2013 - 77.7%
July 2014 - 81.8%